This week the construction of a Janus machines started. The plan has been modified slightly, Janus 2 will be the first constructed. The reason for this is due to the fact that the WD Reds in the secondary Qnap are much younger (only have a few hundred running hours) than the Reds currently in the primary Qnap so it makes sense that they will now become the primary drives in Janus 1. As such, the primary Qnap was recently sold on eBay, it's drives will now begin the second stage of their life cycle as backup drives in Janus 2.

The guts of Janus 2 are actually from my backup gaming rig from 2011 called Rodimus. This is a 8 core AMD Bulldozer based system with 16Gb of RAM and a 850w PSU.  It has now been transferred into the Obsidian 750d case recently acquired off eBay. I've ordered some Dell H330 PCI SAS cards which support 8 SATA drives each giving me a total of 16 drives between them plus whatever SATA ports exist on the board.

One important modification was the Corsair H60 water cooling system. Why remove it you might ask? Well it's simply not required anymore plus I don't want it around my stacks of expensive HDs, water cooling has been known to leak! Into the attic I went to search of an old AM3+ air cooler and the H60 box. I needed the find the Intel mounts for the water block as the H60 has found its way into a new backup gaming machine (The New Rodimus) which is an Intel i7 based system. More on this subject in another post to come.