I was in the market for a new password manager for a few reasons...

  1. I don't trust Google.
  2. Lastpass is bollocks.
  3. I want to host all my own services as I no longer trust any cloud services.
  4. No more worries regarding data breaches.

Bitwarden was highly recommended by the unRAID guru Spaceinvader One. The basic function of Bitwarden is the same as all the other password managers however in this case you can host it your own server on an unRAID system. The Android app is also second to none as it will do auto fill for websites and apps with either biometric/pin/password unlock. There's also chromium extension for most chromium based browsers enabling cross platform password support. Bitwarden will also remember credit cards and addresses, it's open source meaning you can inspect the code and hosted accounts on your server are encrypted. You don't have to host your server, you can use their server too.

Check out Spaceinavders video below.